Tundra Friends

Tundra Friends

A group of Arctic animal friends learn how to recognise, name, and understand their feelings in healthy ways.

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Tundra Friends
  • Sometimes I Feel Sad

    Aqi feels very sad when her special day with Ukpik is cancelled and Ukpik helps to cheer her up.

  • Sometimes I Feel Jealous

    Sissi learns that her parents are going to adopt a baby but she isn’t happy about this news. She learns about how important it is to talk about things that are bothering us.

  • Sometimes I Feel Angry

    Tiu Tiu feels angry when her friends won't let her join their game. Miki helps Tiu Tiu calm down and she learns about the importance of taking deep breaths when she’s angry.

  • Sometimes I Feel Nervous

    Tuka is nervous about his first day of school. He learns that it’s okay to be nervous, but there are so many things to be excited about! His friends help him to become excited about the new school year.

  • Sometimes I Feel Lonely

    Aqi has just moved to a new community and is lonely since she doesn’t know anyone. After a little while, Aqi makes new friends and has fun collecting rocks with them.